Gina Marie Dunn, Utopia Pkwy. Art Studio
As Within, So Without
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas
11" x 14"
“As within so without” is a law which basically means whatever thoughts and feelings you have inside of you, you will find them in your external world.

Whatever you hold true inside of you, will be evident in your friends, environment, health, and life. If you have internal peace, happiness, and love, you will be in a peaceful, happy, and loving environment.

If you want peace in the world, first you have to find peace within you. If each one of us takes the responsibility and work at achieving inner peace, then we will have external peace, not only in our lives, but in the entire world.

All the stress, anxiety, and worry you feel is due to your inner world of thoughts and emotions. If you fix them, you will begin to experience inner peace and serenity.

This listing is for a print of an original oil/mixed media painting. The original piece, which is in my private collection, was on display at The Bath House Cultural Center. It was selected as one of 50 out of several hundred pieces to be exhibited in the Museum's "El Corazon" juried exhibition.

The original was created on canvas using acrylic, collage, oil, watercolor and mixed media. The original has a lot of texture and layer upon layer of transparent color which is captured very well in the print. The print image is 11" x 14" printed on larger paper with a white border for framing with a mat.

The print has been professionally ordered. The paper is of premium heavy weight luster quality which produces the most vibrant long lasting color. Somerset Velvet Giclee Prints have the authentic "look and feel" of high quality watercolor paper and are produced with Somerset Velvet paper and Epson Ultrachrome professional archival inks.

Item will be mailed in a protective envelope. It arrives packaged in a protective sleeve and stiff backing, shipped in a flat unbendy envelope or box.

Copyright of work, including all rights of reproduction in any form, are held by the artist.

Thank you for looking.

©2012 Gina Marie Dunn
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