Gina Marie Dunn, Utopia Pkwy. Art Studio
The Magic That Holds the Sky Up from the Ground
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas
48" x 60" x 1.5"
This painting is one of my largest ones to date. Highly textured in ways these photographs don't quite capture, it was one of those paintings I loved working on, one that didn't come easily but didn't flow right off the brush, either. A happy medium of skill and luck and chance.

Part of a series, some call these circular paintings of mine cells, pebbles, rocks, seeds, and in a way they actually do encompass all of those things. They are about growth, and the state of mind you have to be in in order for growth to occur and happiness to take root. The title is derived from a lyric from a Ben Folds Five song, and for some reason throughout the process, I was thinking about my husband. He was the inspiration behind this, and I couldn't quite figure out why, until another artist friend and I hashed it out on my Facebook Fan Page. Here is our conversation below that explains the meaning I intended for this painting:

Douglas Winters:
Beautiful colors and formation Gina! Is there a subliminal/purposeful rock pattern, or is it random?

Gina Marie Dunn, Utopia Pkwy. Art Studio:
Thanks! I had started out laying the pattern randomly, but thinking about your question and looking at the painting, I see it was definitely more subliminal. The three vertical formations that run from bottom to top represent each of our three children, with my husband, who was on my mind while I worked on this, is the glue at the bottom that holds them together. Where does that leave me in this piece? Perhaps I am in the spaces between...haven't quite figured that one out yet. :)

Douglas Winters:
Since the rocks at the bottom are your husband the glue, and the three formations on top are your children, and the piece is entitled: "The Magic That Holds the Sky Up from the Ground"...I think you are right, the spaces between being You the Sky, your Magic being your family.... Awesome-ness!!!

Painting is on museum-quliaty, gallery-wrapped (meaning no exposed staples) canvas and fully painted on all four sides. It arrives wired and ready to hang. Purchase price does not include shipping.
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